• Buying and selling residential, industrial and commercial land;
  • Transfers including those related to related parties;
  • Estates and family matters;
  • Complex and simple State Revenue Office duty matters – including applications for duty concessions and exemptions;
  • Off the plan sales and purchases;
  • Plans of subdivision and plans of consolidation,
  • Owners corporation matters;
  • Lost title applications.
  • Covenants, easements and Section 173 Agreements;
  • Lodgement and withdrawal of caveats and priority notices.
  • Foreign buyer/seller matters;
  • Contract reviews;
  • Licence Agreements;
  • Verification of Identity; and
  • Boundary and fencing disputes.

We use PEXA for property settlements and are also
able to assist with any paper-based applications.



  • Drafting of commercial, industrial, shopping centre and residential leases and sub-leases;
  • Tenancy disputes;
  • Small Business Commissioner applications and hearings;
  • VCAT matters;
  • Advice related to the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic); and
  • COVID -19 advice for landlords and tenants.