At Sharobeam Lawyers we believe that successful outcomes can be achieved by listening carefully to our clients and tailoring cost-effective solutions that meet their needs.

Our firm has implemented a number of core beliefs which are central to our approach to lawyering –


  • Lawyering with honesty and integrity;


  • Lawyering with an open mind; and


  • Lawyering with the client’s best interests in mind.



Lawyering with Honesty and Integrity

As lawyers, our duty is first and foremost to the Court. This means that we must ensure that in all our dealings both within the profession and externally, we act in a manner which is consistent with upholding the rule of law. To this end, we will be honest and transparent with our clients. We will not suggest outcomes or solutions which do not have a proper basis in law. We will not pursue matters which are without merit or justification. Our lawyers will take an ethical approach to lawyering. This in turn develops a culture of integrity and promotes harmony within our practice.

Lawyering with an Open Mind

We look at the most cost-efficient manner of solving problems. Our lawyers are not just legally trained but also take a business and commercial approach to lawyering. Where possible, we will attempt to solve problems using a collaborative approach. Matters should only become litigious, if every other avenue to mediate or resolve a dispute has become futile or is not possible except through judicial intervention.

Lawyering with the Client’s Best Interests in Mind

We work with our clients and take the time to understand their unique circumstances. We then implement a strategy that addresses their needs and bests interests. Our honest approach to their matters helps them make informed decisions about the progress of their matter. We understand that our clients lead busy lives and will tailer a communication system that keeps them informed about the progress of their matter.